The GazaPassage Pilot of 100 participants boasts a list with more than 200 potential participants, according to International Envoy Edward “Coach” Weinhaus.

On May 14, 2024, Coach and Abir ElZowidi wrote to the Israeli Security Cabinet demanding security clearance for the participants.  They continue to pursue action from Israel.

According to GazaPassage Spokesman Christopher Bedell, “We are in contact with security personnel in Israel to create a safe plan for getting non-combatants out of Gaza who want to escape a war zone.”

Ms. ElZowidi highlighted the desperate situation. “There are two things to know about those working through GazaPassage to find safety.  First, with the Rafah border crossing closed, there is no way to leave Gaza. Second, even if it were open, these people don’t have upwards of $7,000 to pay to get out.”

Bedell noted that GazaPassage does not accept donations nor is it collecting any money from pilot participants. As for timing, Bedell noted, “The challenges of safely transporting people is our primary concern; if we could give a date of departure we would.”

In a separate announcement widely reported, Canada has increased its Pledge to 5,000 Gazans who have relatives in Canada. Coach confirmed that several of the potential Pilot participants have relatives in Canada.

GazaPassage will open up its Pilot participant manifest to those with Canadian relatives going forward according to Bedell.

GazaPassage’s original press release related to the 100-person pilot can be found here.

GazaPassage’s second press release can be found here.

GazaPassage’s initial phases are listed below. GazaPassage accepts no donations.

Phase I: October 15, 2023 – Sending International Envoy to Israel
Phase II: GazaPassage Pledge created during Phase II (announced when Phase III)
Phase III: Dec: 2023 – Mission Bifurcation after Israel Says It Will Allow Gazans Back in the North
Phase IV: Jan 2024 Funding Model
Phase V: April 2024: Current Pilot Program