Israel’s Hayom has identified three efforts based in Israel following GazaPassage’s creation.

The various initiatives are all seeking to solve the problem of helping non-combatants leave Gaza.

The others include a proposal from Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) that calls for conditioning aid to Arab countries on their agreement to accept the migration of Gazans. Additionally, there is an initiative promoted by two Israeli lawmakers, Knesset members Dani Danon (Likud) and Ram Ben-Barak (Yesh Atid), which calls for countries around the world to accept limited numbers of Gazan families who have expressed a desire to relocate. Another program called “Gaza for the World – The Movement for Humanitarian Migration of the Residents of the Gaza Strip” is being promoted by Likud member Amir Whitman.

Head of League of American Workers Steve Cortes strongly criticizes Israeli initiatives that ask America to take refugees, as previously reported by GazaPassage.

GazaPassage spokesperson Christopher Bedell, a respected Democrat based in St. Louis, affirmed the group’s mission: “We are excited about any nation’s support for our humanitarian efforts and are glad to see Israel has joined.”

The Hayom piece noted that GP is an American effort. Bedell adds: “We aren’t fighting for Israel. We are fighting to save lives.”

GazaPassage’s international envoy previously secured Israel’s commitment to allow non-combatants to leave Gaza.

The article credit international envoy Edward “Coach” Weinhaus with being the impetus. However, the entire working group of American attorneys have been driving the effort.

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