After the organization’s letter to the Israeli Security Cabinet led to conversations with multiple Israeli ministries, the deadline for GazaPassage’s planned pilot to help 100 Gazan volunteer non-combatants leave the war zone passed.

GazaPassage Spokesperson Christopher Bedell offered only this brief comment: “We have more signatories, we will pursue more avenues, and we will organize another departure once Israel is forced to participate.”

The original letter was signed by GazaPassage International Envoy Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq. and Palestinian-American Abir ElZowidi.

Bedell added, “Ms. ElZowidi and Coach are both actively pursuing increasing the pressure on Israel.”

GazaPassage’s original press release related to the 100-person pilot can be found here.

GazaPassage’s second press release can be found here.

GazaPassage’s initial phases are listed below. GazaPassage accepts no donations.

Phase I: October 15, 2023 – Sending International Envoy to Israel
Phase II: GazaPassage Pledge created during Phase II (announced when Phase III)
Phase III: Dec: 2023 – Mission Bifurcation after Israel Says It Will Allow Gazans Back in the North
Phase IV: Jan 2024 Funding Model
Phase V: April 2024: Current Pilot Program