GazaPassage spokesperson Christopher Bedell applauded the US government for joining GazaPassage’s mission in helping non-combatants leave Gaza. Yesterday, the NSC’s John Kirby demanded non-combatants be given the freedom to leave Gaza at the Rafah border with Egypt, away from the war zone. GazaPassage’s reporting has put pressure on Egypt and Turkey as well, who recently began plans for a hospital in Egypt in the northern Sinai to help Gazans once they leave Gaza.

“In Phase I, We sent our envoy into a war zone to build support. It was remarkably successful. We generated a commitment from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, and now –  just last night –  the United States, to support our mission. If Turkey and Egypt have come around, we may have saved a lot of lives.”

Bedell is referring to the prior decision of the working group to send International Envoy Coach Weinhaus to Israel. There, GazaPassage was able to secure Israel’s public commitment to allow non-combatants to leave Gaza.

Bedell would not discuss any fault related to human casualties. Mr. Kirby blamed the deaths on HAMAS in an unequivocal manner for its war conduct, both offensively and its use of human shields.

Bedell added: “Now it’s time for Phase II. We will now pursue the other nations and organizations to help non-combatants leave Gaza.”

Bedell committed that further details of our progress will be forthcoming,

Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office today, in response to a question from International Envoy Coach Weinhaus, affirmed Israel’s prior permissive position.