On Saturday, October 14th, the original GazaPassage Working Group met to discuss how to further the mission of helping non-combatants leave Gaza. Those pictured in attendance include Dr. Isaac Amon, Polsinelli Attorney Christopher Bedell, and Edward “Coach” Weinhaus.

The group works with attorneys from around the world to advocate for the non-combatants in Gaza to leave, and, particularly, have a place to go.

Dr. Amon, an experienced international war crimes investigator and scholar, agreed to serve as the group’s Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) Compliance Liaison. Bedell was selected to serve as the group’s Spokesperson. Coach Weinhaus was named the International Envoy and will be heading to Israel on behalf of GazaPassage. There, he will work with Israel and the international community to help facilitate non-combatants.

Bedell stated: “This is everybody’s cause. Please reach out if you are an attorney from any nation that is willing to help.”

In other news, Attorneys Pat Eckler (Illinois/Florida/Indiana) and Antonio Valiente, former Wal Mart Inc, General Counsel in Puerto Rico, joined GazaPassage’s Working Group. Eckler is widely renowned as one of the best civil procedure minds in Illinois and is one-half of the “Podium and Panel Podcast” covering judicial decisions.

GazaPassage’s mission is single-minded – help non-combatants leave Gaza in a precarious time – war.