GazaPassage has formalized its namesake Pledge after testing it with multiple international actors, including non-Western nations and ambassadors.

The GazaPassage Pledge reads as follows:



Pursuant to (at least*) the Conditions below, the nation of _____ offers up to ______[#] humanitarian non-combatant beneficiaries from Gaza temporary residence, who meet its criteria.


*Each pledging nation is likely to have more detailed and exacting conditions. Nothing in the GazaPassage Pledge restricts a nation from exercising its discretion in any manner for ensuring the success of the humanitarian effort.



1) This offer pertains to Temporary Status Only.
2) Each pledging nation may set its own terms for the length of Temporary Status, which may be open-ended, fixed time or conditioned upon the cessation of hostilities in Gaza.
3) Nothing in this pledge requires that a pledging nation is responsible for the costs of the Pledge. That is, a pledging nation may require financial assistance from the international community as a condition of taking the pledge.

GazaPassage has been working with the international community to find nations willing to take the Pledge and, separately, financially support the pledging nations for their humanitarian efforts. One nation has done both while others are seeking to provide only one of a) temporary residence or b) financial support.

On October 27, 2023, GazaPassage’s Spokesperson Chrisopher Bedell unveiled the humanitarian effort’s Phase II:

“We will now pursue the other nations and organizations to help non-combatants leave Gaza.”

Bedell committed that further details of our progress will be forthcoming.

Six days later, the United Arab Emirates first announced what is today formalized as the Pledge, taking in 1000 injured children and their families.

The GazaPassage Working Group met on Saturday and formally announced the Pledge after reports from its International Envoy, Coach Weinhaus, who had soft-tested it. The Working Group also agreed that Phase II would continue while the as-yet-undisclosed Phase III launches.

Spokesperson Bedell quickly disavowed any credit for GazaPassage itself: “The UAE and other countries who care about saving lives take the Pledge to help non-combatants leave Gaza. We know there are more countries who care about innocent civilians and we will do what we can to help them too.”