According to Abu Ali Express, HAMAS-affiliated channels are promoting a campaign that will be launched tonight, calling on Egyptian residents of Sinai to “break the siege on Gaza” and assist their brothers in need.

The video supporting this campaign implies opening the Sinai-Gaza border but does not make clear exactly what actions will be taken to “break the siege.”

GazaPassage is working to ensure nations and organizations around the world help non-combatants leave Gaza for humanitarian purposes.

So far, the UAEAustralia, and Canada have taken a GazaPassage Pledge to help non-combatants leave Gaza, and many others are considering it.

GazaPassage has added a second prong to save innocent lives by supporting, whose goal is “to help create the framework of a governing body in the Gaza-of-the-future to ensure an overall and lasting peace.”

The pledge only refers to non-combatants. HAMAS joins Hizbollah and Iran in calling for the opening of Rafah border. HAMAS is struggling paying the price to leave, which was reported at $5,000 paid to an Egyptian border guard. Rumors are the price has increased to $7,000 per person.