GazaPassage’s Working Group unveiled the second prong of its two-pronged Phase III  to help save lives in Gaza, enacted December 2, 2023.

According to Spokesperson Christopher Bedell, International Envoy Coach Weinhaus detailed it in an email to the full Working Group last night.

The new prong relates to being the first organization to join, whose goal is “to help create the framework of a governing body in the Gaza-of-the-future to ensure an overall and lasting peace,” according to Weinhaus’ message.

The first prong, the GazaPassage Pledge, was announced upon enactment. The impetus for the second track, to operate in parallel with the Pledge, was Israel’s disclosure of reconstruction and ‘rehabitation’ plans for the north of Gaza. The Prime Minister’s Office Spokesperson Eylon Levy told Coach Weinhaus:

“We expect that when the fighting stops and it is safe for people to be able to return they will return and we will begin a process of reconstruction together with the international community.”

Bedell explained why this momentous shift from the Israeli government bifurcated GazaPassage’s efforts. “When we started on October 10th, we knew the war would create a need to get noncombatants out of Gaza to save their lives. We had no idea of Israel allowing their return to war-ravaged areas. To paraphrase Keynes, ‘When the facts change, I change…’ In this case, Israel has changed the facts on the ground. That creates a second opportunity for our organization to promote saving innocent lives. We are going to do it.”

When asked if GazaPassage was abandoning its mission, Bedell was unequivocal: “No. We are promoting the Pledge as we speak; multiple countries have pledged, and even more are considering it. Helping non-combatants leave Gaza is still our primary focus.”

Bedell had less kind words after reading reports of Egypt accepting bribes of $5,000 per HAMAS head to leave Gaza. “Just imagine how many lives Egypt could help save if they lowered the price to zero for non-combatants instead of profiting from ensuring terrorist survival. The international community at least now knows the price to make it worth Egypt’s while to help the non-combatants leave Gaza.”

Earlier today, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the Palestinian Authority would not rule a post-war Gaza. Bedell refused to comment on any policy that does not address saving civilian lives. “Our involvement with neither discludes nor ignores any organization that seeks lasting peace. That’s the best way to ensure we have helped save lives.”

Coach Weinhaus’ message and the Pledge are copied below.


GazaPassage Working Group Update – December 11, 2023

Thanks to all of you who have worked towards the accomplishments of GazaPassage in helping non-combatants leave Gaza. The St. Louis team met a week and a half ago to begin discussing Phase III of our plan.  It has two parts and, in good conscience, we need to make you aware of it (in case any of you wish to remove yourself from the Working Group).
Our work has preliminarily succeeded in the following areas:
a) We quickly received Israel’s commitment to non-interference with Gazan non-combatants leaving via the Rafah border crossing. (Prime Minister’s Office Press Conference 10/19/2023.)
b) We exposed HAMAS’ early ‘hostage-taking’ by exposing its refusal to let people out of Gaza.
c) After announcing Phase II, we have encouraged nations to accept the GazaPassage Pledge by helping house temporarily Gazan non-combatants. Multiple nations have pledged to do so, and more are considering it.
d) Also, other humanitarian groups inside Israel began to follow our lead, albeit with a very different flavor. (Israeli media credited us as well.)
Most importantly, lives have been saved. 
We didn’t know along the way that our news platform, sponsored by my publishing company Judiciocracy LLC, would discover that not only had we been promoting opening Rafah, but so had HizbollahIran, and even former HAMAS supporters.
That’s why it has been so disheartening also to have to report how many oppose our mission. Israel’s quick non-interference commitment has been rivaled by most of the international community ignoring the plight of those who wish to leave Gaza. The crass head of the UNRWA’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times is only but the most recent demand to ignore the calls of Gazans for safe passage.
At the start of the war, our mission had always been simple: “Helping non-combatants leave Gaza.” Based on a question we asked at a press conference, Israel has committed to allowing non-combatants to return to the north of Gaza when it is secured.
This policy statement from Israel has unintentionally changed our mission. Before, our purpose was entirely humanitarian. Now, we appear as a group that seeks solely to help people leave Gaza when Israel is committed to moving some of those same people back to north Gaza. This gives GazaPassage a tinge of political aura.
We eschew all politics.
Thus, we are announcing the parallel tracks for Phase III. First, we will continue to help non-combatants leave Gaza as so many wish to do. For this, we have simplified our ask to the nations of the world. We merely ask they take the Pledge.
The more pledges taken, the more lives we will save and the more shame on the international community that would use Gazans as pawns.

Our second track will be about ensuring that northern Gaza, where Israel intends to allow Gazans to return, is not a war zone at all and never will be again. As such, we are the first non-profit to join a new venture called  It is intended to help create the framework of a governing body in the Gaza-of-the-future to ensure an overall and lasting peace.

Please reach out if you have any questions.
We could not have gotten this far without such an accomplished and diverse team of professionals standing by a humanitarian mission.
Thank you for your support.
Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq.
GazaPassage, International Envoy




Pursuant to (at least*) the Conditions below, the nation of _____ offers up to ______[#] humanitarian non-combatant beneficiaries from Gaza temporary residence, who meet its criteria.


*Each pledging nation is likely to have more detailed and exacting conditions. Nothing in the GazaPassage Pledge restricts a nation from exercising its discretion in any manner for ensuring the success of the humanitarian effort.



1) This offer pertains to Temporary Status Only.
2) Each pledging nation may set its own terms for the length of Temporary Status, which may be open-ended, fixed time or conditioned upon the cessation of hostilities in Gaza.
3) Nothing in this pledge requires that a pledging nation is responsible for the costs of the Pledge. That is, a pledging nation may require financial assistance from the international community as a condition of taking the pledge.