The Guardian reported that Nadia El-Nakla, wife of Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf, is pleading with the UK government to let her bring her Palestinian brother to stay in her home, as he remains trapped in war-torn Gaza.

El-Nakla’s brother had his name removed from a list submitted by Turkey to accept refugees, forcing his wife and their four children to flee Gaza without him.

GazaPassage is working to ensure nations and organizations around the world help non-combatants leave Gaza for humanitarian purposes.

So far, the UAEAustralia, Canada, and Turkey have taken a GazaPassage Pledge to help non-combatants leave Gaza, and many others are considering it.

GazaPassage has added a second prong to save innocent lives by supporting, whose goal is “to help create the framework of a governing body in the Gaza-of-the-future to ensure an overall and lasting peace.”

The Guardian article seems to suggest that Ms. Yousaf’s brother may not have cleared security. GazaPassage has no information related to it and does not affirm that claim. The Pledge is strictly for non-combatants.