On January 7, Gazans who oppose HAMAS called for breaking through the border fence between Egypt and Gaza and granting non-combatants the opportunity to emigrate from the Strip through Sinai, according to Abu Ali Express.

Gazan opinion leaders stated that: “The Prophet Muhammad also emigrated from Mecca to Madinah after being persecuted by his tribe – Quraish (hereafter: “the Hijrah”) and therefore there is no obstacle for the Gazans to emigrate as well.”

GazaPassage is working to ensure nations and organizations around the world help non-combatants leave Gaza for humanitarian purposes.

So far, the UAEAustralia, and Canada have taken a GazaPassage Pledge to help non-combatants leave Gaza, and many others are considering it.

GazaPassage has added a second prong to save innocent lives by supporting GazaConstitution.org, whose goal is “to help create the framework of a governing body in the Gaza-of-the-future to ensure an overall and lasting peace.”

Gazans who don’t support HAMAS now join HAMAS, Hizbollah, HAMAS-supporters, Iran, and other humanitarian relief groups for calling for the Rafah border crossing to be open.