On December 10, 2023, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi stated that Israel was carrying out a policy aimed at forcibly removing Palestinians from Gaza through a war, which he believes meets the “legal definition of genocide.” – Reuters reported.

“What we are seeing in Gaza is not just simply the killing of innocent people and the destruction of their livelihoods (by Israel) but a systematic effort to empty Gaza of its people,” Safadi said at a conference in Doha. “We have not seen the world yet come to the place where it should come … an unequivocal demand for ending this war; a war that is within the realm of legal definition of genocide.”

Israeli PM spokesperson denied the claim at Sunday’s press conference.

Earlier, GP’s international envoy Coach Weinhaus secured Israel’s commitment not to interfere with Egypt opening the Rafah border crossing.

GazaPassage is working to ensure Egypt, Jordan and Israel, and other nations and organizations around the world help non-combatants leave Gaza for humanitarian purposes. So far, the UAE and Australia have taken a GazaPassage Pledge to help non-combatants leave Gaza, and many others are considering it.

Egypt has been building fortifications at the Rafah crossing since October 7th to prevent an influx of Gazans.

Israel has committed to allowing Gazans to return to the north, as a result of Weinhaus’ questioning.